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Can I change or cancel my order?

After you have ordered and make payment transactions, personalized data of your order will be sent directly to the production team, so your order can be done immediately and ready within 2-3 days for ready stock and minimum 14 working days for special orders that are not ready stock items.

Please understand that the cancellation or change to a personalized name order can not be received after a confirmation of the order has been sent to the production team section for processing.

Your order confirmation indicates that you have checked and verified the order data we sent via email.


When will my order be shipped?

For ready stock items, your order item will be ready to be taken in our head office within 2-3 days or delivered according to the shipping option you have chosen at the time of booking. For special order non ready stock of order item will be sent as soon as the item is ready in accordance with the specified time minimum 14 days after ordering. the choice of inter service package that you choose is very influential with the length of time your order arrives.


Can personalized items in different languages?

Char and Coll Personalized gifts currently only produce items using the standard English keyboard. Special symbol accents or special characters can not be produced by us yet.


Is there a delivery abroad? Using what?

Shipping abroad? Of course there is. We provide opportunities for everyone to have our products are no exception you are abroad. Once you have ordered and your order is ready according to the time specified, we will immediately send your order using the service of send APX and will arrive within 4-5 working days.


How do I pay for my order?

Payment can be made by transfer or cash if you want to take your order in store or in our head office. To find out where you need to transfer your payment, our marketing department will send you an e-mail containing the order verification, the total order item, and the amount you have to pay and the account number to make the payment transaction.

Is there a catalog and store that can be visited?

We have a catalog for you to have at home and for those of you who do not have our catalog, you can apply by email or can directly visit our web at because the items contained in our catalog are all listed on our web or you can also visit and directly select the products available at our store located in Pondok Pinang.